Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Review

St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

Ordering & Delivery

There are no dealers and there is no haggling. You order direct for a set price.

Running cost

  • Plug-in car grant (£4,500 off the purchase price)
  • No London congestion charge (£11.50/day)
  • No vehicle excise duty (UK car tax, about £200/yr for my previous car, but can be £2000/yr)
  • No charge for Lambeth borough parking permit (previously about £150/yr)

In total, over 13,000 miles I’ve paid £12.06 in fuel costs. I reckon the same distance in my old car would have cost nearly £3,000 in petrol.

Scottish Highlands


L’Île-Rousse (L’Ìsula), Corsica

Interior & Build

The boot is enormous and the frunk is useful.


Trip meters at the end of a drive to Corsica from London and back


Supercharging in Ghent, Belgium with friends
And supercharging in Newport Pagnell, UK all alone
  • Standard plug — 4–6mph
  • Street charger — somewhere between 7 and 22mph, sometimes higher
  • Destination charger — between 7mph and 32mph
  • Supercharger —up to 320mph
European Superchargers (current in red, upcoming in grey as of July 2017)

It’s fair to say that I wouldn’t have bought an electric car if this network didn’t exist, and why Tesla is currently the only electric car I could buy and use practically.

Street charging in Manchester, UK and mobile apps screenshot at the same time
Destination charging in Arras, France with mobile app screenshot a little later
Charging on a ferry
Ubitricity charging near my house in Lambeth, London
My first Ubitricity charge details




Tow to the charger



Canalside in Amsterdam

I build things. Run a food bank charity. Green energy fanboy, sometime investor, sometime coder.

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Jason Cartwright

Jason Cartwright

I build things. Run a food bank charity. Green energy fanboy, sometime investor, sometime coder.

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