• Where is the electricity actually coming from?
  • If it’s all renewable electricity I’m buying then what happens when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing?
  • Given I don’t really mind when in a 12–14hr period (overnight) my appliances run or my car charges when is the ‘most renewable’ time to do this?
UK electricity carbon intensity in October 2018
Carbon intensity of UK electricity sources
Whitelee & London Array wind farms
Wind, solar & nuclear power plants
  • Wind farms are all over, but generally north west and on hills
  • Solar is mainly south
  • Nuclear plants are on the coast, and strategically spread out the hell out
Carbon intensity of UK electricity by region on a good day. Greener is urrrrh… greener.
  • Scotland benefits from wind & hydroelectric plants
  • South west has a lot of solar capacity per capita
  • South east is connected to Netherlands and France via interconnects



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Jason Cartwright

Jason Cartwright

I build things. Run a food bank charity. Green energy fanboy, sometime investor, sometime coder.